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EPIC Entertainment is thrilled to announce the addition of the EPIC booth, a fully interactive and customizable photo booth, the EPIC booth is sure to turn heads and make your event even more EPIC! 


With customizable templates and interactive touch screen integration. The EPIC booth is sure to please guests of all ages. 


Using the two way mirror the guest can see themselves just like they are looking into an average, everyday mirror.

Then the magic begins. The mirror comes to life and interactive elements will be displayed, inviting the user to then touch the mirror to start the experience.

Once the guest activates the mirror it will display customized messages and count down before taking 1-4 photos.

Now that the guest has taken the photos the mirror displays another message asking the guest to sign or add their name to the photo.

Finally, the photos will be printed. They can also be emailed or posted directly to social media on top of the free prints for your guests!


Welcome to the EPIC booth.




3D PNG Fourth.png

Open Booth Concept

VIP Pipe and Drape Package

VIP Pipe and Drape Package

The next big thing is here.

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